In the realm before time and space, God had a dream hidden deep within His heart. His dream was so profound, that it materialized into a love story that included billions of people and several thousand years. His story is a tale of love between a Father and His Son, and the Son and His Bride: The Church. Their tale is your story. Their tale is my story. God included all of us in His story.

If you have ever wondered why you are here or how to achieve your wildest dreams, this book will unlock the mysteries that have been hidden for millennia. God is the wildest dreamer, and He has written and is directing the most epic romance of all time–a play if you will–and you have been chosen for a leading role.

In order for you to play your crucial part, though, you must first comprehend God’s script. As you turn each page, His storyline will unfold, and you will begin to understand the magnitude of the role for which you have been chosen. You are either sided with the Dragon and his dark angels, or the conquering warrior, Jesus, and His beautiful maiden. Are you ready to discover your wildest dreams and join the greatest adventure of all time? Then let your journey begin to discover God’s Wild Romance: His epic tale of love.

David River is a God lover, a poet, and inspirational life coach. Being an adrenaline junkie, he likes to drive his sports car a little too fast and boat upon the water, all while listening to virtually every genre of music.


Because of his wild heart and rather unusual life-long experiences, in 2015 he gave up his past and founded a life coaching organization: Heart and Soul for Life. His vision and passion are clear. To help you maximize success in five areas of your life: spiritually, intellectually, physically, financially, and relationally.  Learn more at:  

The foundation of his coaching organization is built upon this truth: God has written the greatest love story of all time within the Bible, and Jesus came to explain it with the theme of ‘the Kingdom of God.’  The Kingdom is God’s elevator pitch to summarize discovering ‘Paradise.’  Ultimately, it is a worldwide, passionate romance about the Church-the Bride and Jesus.


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