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a portion of the preface

The casting director has just called you up from the audience for your audition. He hands you the script and you begin rehearsing the lines in your head. The play is titled God’s Wild Romance. From the title, you deduce the obvious: It is about God’s romance, and you could be playing a star role. It all depends on how well you spend these next few minutes delivering your lines.


Right now, you may feel average, but to God you are a dream come true. Before the foundation of the world, He chose you to be alive at this very moment. God created you to play this crucial role at this very hour. Thousands of years ago, before anything was created, God dreamed of you and called you by name. In eternity past, God proposed to pour out His love upon you in a way that will not only make history but become history itself.


Your life will soon become center stage. This is your big discovery the way Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling were thrust into fame during The Notebook. At the prompt of the casting director, you begin reading your lines with passion; the words glide effortlessly off your tongue. Captured by your enthusiasm, the director tilts his head down and peers over his reading glasses. An emotion begins to swell from deep within; awe, yes, he is struck by the new talent standing in front of him. His intuition whispers, “This is the star you have been searching for your whole life.”


A flurry of activity surrounds you after your performance. Instantly, you realize that something unusual is going on. Amazed, stunned, and a little confused, you embrace the excitement. The casting director, an aged man with white hair, breaks through the commotion. He takes you by the hand and leads you to a private dressing room. With caution he investigates the hall to make sure no one has followed. After quietly closing the door, he looks sternly at you and whispers quietly, “Can you keep a secret?”


You whisper back, “Definitely.”


The director replies, “Your future depends upon it.”


He then offers you the leading role. You have been chosen to play a crucial role in the most pivotal love story of all time. Taken back by all the sudden attention, your heart pounds out of your chest as the adrenaline races through your veins. Who will you become in the story?

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